About The Ministry



About The Ministry

The Ministry is a Society in Entropia Universe, an awesome game that will bring you lots of fun !

We are the continuation of Odysseus Unbound, a society that was founded on 14th of February 2008 by Parlog and we are a big family that wants to have fun above all and quite enthusiastic about helping others ! We are mainly a hunting society, being also extremely proficient in other professions!

The Ministry is a society where fun is the main factor. We are in a society because we can be more together than solo. teamhunts, tt-hunts, helping eachother physically or with information in soc chat. Basically having fun together. the society fund is something new. We ask a donation of 50 ped per year ( the price of a large beer) or if you are a non-depositor, some sweat or oil you got from the rig from time to time. The fund is voluntary. If you do not wish to donate, so be it, It remains as Parlog said it: We respect the little differences, we live different lifes in different places all over the world. Ingame we have different gaming-styles, different deposit habbits, different relations to money/items/skills/the games setup.

If you want to be a be part of us please fill send us a message in-game or apply in the Society Terminal. Pretty soon we’ll have some great bits of history here!


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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