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The Ministry’s OLA65 presents Grind your paycheck

25th March 2019 @ 8:00 am - 4th January 2020 @ 11:55 pm

Do you feel bored, tired of the daily routine?

Wake up and smell the coffee, because here’s:


Grind Your Paycheck

  • Week 1: Score at least 5 globals to receive a “paycheck” of 6 PED/global.
  • Week 2: Score at least +1 global more than week 1 to receive a raise in pay to 8 PED/global
  • Week 3: Score at least +2 globals more than week 2 to receive a raise in pay to 12 PED/global.
  • Week 4: Score at least +3 globals more than week 3 to receive a raise in pay to 18 PED/global.
  • Performance Bonuses Top Performer: Most globals in the month gets a 100 PED bonus
  • Most Improvement: Biggest difference between weeks 1 and 4 gets 100 PED bonus.
  • Office Dirtbag: Any player who scores exactly 5 globals per week gets 25 PED bonus at the end of the 4 week cycle
  • Manager’s Suck-Up: Highest Single Loot gets 100 PED bonus at the end of the 4 week cycle
  • Longevity Raise: Any player who earns a raise on all 4 weeks gets a 10% raise in pay on the subsequent 4 week cycle
This Event starts on Monday 25th of March 0:00
  • Every month everyone’s pay resets back to 6 PED/global, except if who earn a Longevity Raise, then you  get 10% more than everybody else on all their paychecks
  • Every Month the cycle repeats itself.
  • Globals will be tracked by entropialife tracker
  • You will need to register with your full avatar name below to enter the Grind
  • teamgrind: enter teamname and teamleader , teamname must have OLA65 in the teamname.
  • this event will keep running indefinately, unless there are no participants scoring +5 globals in the first week. then the event will be terminated,
    , paying out all prizes earned to date of closure

______new post for registered players:____________

Registered players:

super duper skiller

insanely cool player

wowza dowza yup

_____new post for registered teams______________

Registered teams:

House of gamers OLA65

_____new post for total owed__________________

wowza dowza yup 30 ped owed

_____new post for cycle 1_____________________

Week 1:

super duper skiller 4 globals

insanely cool player 3 globals

wowza dowza yup 5 globals –  30 ped owed

House of gamers 1 global


March 25 @ 8:00 am
4th January 2020 @ 11:55 pm


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