OU has a new Leader !


In the winter of 2014/2015 our former leader Blower Needs JoePilar was declared missing in action…. either lost in the snowy Arkadian north, in the depths of the Cyrenian Sea, or somewhere inside a Zombie Kong belly, truth is, we all had one question…. Where the fuck is Joe ??

So, after we spent some time without a leader, Emy Jenny Bomb declared interest in becoming OU’s new leader, which eventually happened 1 or 2 months later! So, a big GZ to Jenny for being our new leader – we are now expecting Emy to take OU back on track, with loads of activities for all sorts of users, and above all, a bigger engagement and pro-active attitude from the society towards all the Entropia Universe community of friends and players.

So all we have to say is …GO EMY! Make us proud! :)


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