Why the name Odysseus Unbound ?


Grabbing a bit of history from old society forum, here’s what Parlog (our founder) has to say about the name and the reasons behind it :

First reason is that most of the places on Calypso (the name itself too) comes from Homers Odysseus, so we (basically me and grower, but Kil and Blast and the other old farts had a word in there too) chose a name that fits in the big picture.

Odysseus basically stands for beeing a hero too. So thats us: We are the heroes of Calypso!
(back then no other planet existed!)
And for the second part Grower and me had a little argument, i was for “unchained” or “unleashed” while he supposed “unbound”. -Well “Unbound” won, easy as this…

I am happy we took “Unbound” because what comes out in the end is an unbound, a free hero.

This is what Odysseus Unbound means: We are free heroes!

the name reflects that we are a little freaky, tolerant and have a low hirarchy. We aim for fun!
Skills/items/status and the aim for beeing top of the board is NOT top priority of the soc, but it can be top priority for the individual. We respect the little differences, we live different lifes in different places all over the world. Ingame we have different gaming-styles, different deposit habbits, different relations to money/items/skills/the games setup.
Some of us love helping newbies and we have always let them in the soc, cause especially Grower and me had very bad experiences with divided socs in noob and ubah, with hirarchies that spoil all the fun aspects. And fun always was our top priority!

So we made our minds up and tried to name the soc in a way that takes all this into account.

Oh yeah and sometimes beeing Odysseus means beeing wasted, desperate, lost or sad whether in RL or ingame, just like Odysseus was in his adventures. And you have a bunch of good friends you can share your problems with.

Well this mindset brought us friends, relations and respect from the very bottom to the very top. We watch the boards from outside, still the board players know us very well. We are welcome to the rig, we get respected when we hunt, noones gonna mess with us, cause we have mighty mighty friends out there and most important, we usually dont need them to settle things.

Without a doubt OU is a success story and iam very very proud that i can write this post

– Parlog, 10th October 2013

Well there’ya go, in case you ever wondered what was the reason behind the name! :)


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